25 Ways a Virtual Assistant can help a Blogger Thrive

25 Ways a Virtual Assistant can help a Blogger Thrive

Are you a blogger? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the STUFF you need to do to keep your blog growing and thriving? Do you want to take a vacation for a few weeks? Do you need help growing your audience? We can help!

25 Ways a VA can help a Blogger

Here are 25 different ways we can help bloggers reach their full potential and reclaim their time:

  1. Content creation – we can write those blog posts for you!
  2. Blog post editing – let us make sure your posts are perfect before you hit publish.
  3. Ideas – do you have writer’s block? We can come up with a list of topics for you.
  4. Email management- are you overwhelmed by pitches from companies wanting to promote their products on your blog? We can reply to them all for you.
  5. Pitching Brands – are you hoping to make more connections with companies? We can write those pitches for you!
  6. Creating & maintaining an editorial publishing calendar – we can help you organize your posting.
  7. Social Media Management – we can help you manage and grow your social media accounts.
  8. Social Media posting – let us create & schedule updates to your various social media accounts to free up your time.
  9. Social Media content creation – we can turn your blog posts into social media updates.
  10. Proofreading – we can go through your old blog posts and make sure there are no mistakes.
  11. Images – let us create share-worthy images for your blog posts.
  12. Ghostwriting reviews – are you a review blogger? We can write those reviews for you.
  13. Ghostwriting guest posts – are you working to get your blog noticed? We can write guest posts for you to publish on other sites.
  14. Transcription – we can turn your videos into blog posts.
  15. Commenting – who has time to read and comment on all those posts? We can do it for you.
  16. Responding – we can respond to commenters on your behalf.
  17. Blog Management – let us do the things you find annoying such as tagging posts or approving comments.
  18. Newsletters – get your content out to your subscribers and keep your audience engaged.
  19. Downloads – are you looking for something you can offer your subscribers? Let us help!
  20. Courses – do you have all sorts of good ideas that you want to share with others? Let us help you turn your great ideas into another income source for you.
  21. Training – not sure how to do something specific? We can help.
  22. Auditing – we can go through your entire website and make sure the links all work and your copy reads well.
  23. Research – name a topic and we can find out more for you!
  24. Twitter parties / chats – we can jump in and help you organize and run the perfect party.
  25. Consulting – we have 10+ years experience blogging and would love to pass what we’ve learned onto you!

Blogging can take a lot of time and energy but a Virtual Assistant can take the pressure off.

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