About Us

Every business owner has tasks that they wish they could outsource. With Social Biz Support, it’s our job to free up your time. As professional women working in the business world we saw a need for organized, reliable and trustworthy staff members who could easily take care of many tedious aspects of business life.

Our job is to make your job easier. We do this by taking on tasks from a remote location. These tasks can vary from handling social media accounts and blog management to newsletter creation and research. The possibilities are virtually endless, leaving you with the ability to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can carry out. We believe that these are the personal aspects of your business that are truly important to you and your clients; we’ll handle the rest!

Whether you need two hours or twenty hours of help per week, a Virtual Assistant can work with you to make your business more economical and effective. If you have ever felt overwhelmed with your daily tasks, confused by administrative duties, or unable to keep up with marketing details; outsourcing to our qualified team of Virtual Assistants may be exactly what you need. Training and hiring an in-office assistant is becoming a thing of the past! Send an email today to consult with us and find the perfect Virtual Assistant for you.

Meet our Team:

Tara Robertson has been working as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager for over 7 years.   She lives in Northern Alberta with her husband and 3 kids.









Lindsay Dianne is a published writer and photographer based off the West Coast of British Columbia. Lindsay has had a love of the written word since the tender age of fourteen, which prepared her for her current journey as a digital media manager and virtual assistant. Lindsay currently submits written content on many topics to a number of clients throughout the US and Canada, as well as handling social media outreach for those who just don’t have the time to make digital content a priority. Lindsay is a mother of one, and also owns and operates her own blog at bolderbeing.com . If you’re feeling overwhelmed with digital marketing, let Lindsay take some of the digital stress off of your shoulders so you can focus on the rest!