Are Your Potential Clients Confident In You?

Are Your Potential Clients Confident In You?


When a potential client stumbles across your marketing efforts, whether on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or within traditional advertising media, what impression do they get of you? While your current clients and friends know what to expect from you, and you know what you’re capable of delivering, potential clients are nervous about entering into a new relationship; as they should be. If you were to look at your website and other outreach objectively, do you get a sense of who you are and what you can offer your clients? How could you improve the first impression that you’re leaving on clients to ensure that they’re confident in your abilities? We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

  • Attention To Detail
    When it comes to your social media outreach and your web presentation of your business; be diligent. Don’t cut corners with content just to get it up and running, but rather ensure that your website is an accurate representation of what you’re capable of delivering. Check and double-check your grammar, spelling and formatting before you hit send. Attention to detail is important!
  • Plain Language
    There was a time when business owners believed that big words and technical terms made them seem more professional. Today, the movement towards plain language is a strong one; if you speak plainly, your clients will be better able to understand what you can offer them, and what you need from them in order to create a great business relationship. Keep the legalese to yourself.
  • Stop Focusing On You
    Your clients are looking for someone to help them; besides a bio, you really shouldn’t use “I” or “me” very much on your site at all. Make your outreach about your client, instead of yourself. This is something subtle that will pay off.
  • Be Personable
    If your website presents your company without any name or face to connect with, potential clients are less likely to feel welcomed. Present yourself warmly and accurately somewhere within your business pages, and speak plainly to your clients in a conversational manner, especially on social media.

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