What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Many people are unsure as to what a Virtual Assistant is or does. Considering that Virtual Assistance is a fairly new approach on a variety of common needs, it’s no wonder that mystery surrounds what exactly it is that we do. To put it plainly, a Virtual Assistant is a trusted employee who can work with you to tackle administrative duties over the course of a contract or for an extended period of time. A VA will work with you on a number of different aspects of your business, supporting you from a remote location.

Why Work With A VA?

VAs are there to make your life easier! We work with all different types of companies in order to streamline administrative needs and free up your time. Every successful business owner knows that there comes a time when you need to outsource in order to keep your sanity. The bottom line is that we handle the odds and ends so that you don’t have to; this allows you more time to be available for the parts of the business process that you truly love.

Why choose a VA over a traditional employee?

Unlike a traditional employee/employer relationship, a VA allows you to work with someone knowledgeable without the hassle. A VA chooses to accept your bid or contract based on an interest and suitability to your specific needs. There is no need to share your office space, or to spend time that you don’t have on the hiring and firing process. There is no enforced time limit or expectancy when it comes to the services VAs can offer; you simply employ us when you need something and don’t when you don’t.

Is there anything a VA can’t do?

As all VAs are individuals, so will they have individual strengths and weaknesses. The things that can’t be done will vary from person to person, and we will always do what we can to accommodate your needs to suggest to you someone who can help you. Our VAs are skilled, trained and professional, and as such we are willing to work through challenges in order to get you the end result that you’re seeking.

How much will it cost?

In order to estimate the cost of our VA services to your business, please contact us for a rate sheet. We offer comprehensive packages that can be used in order to deliver the best value to you for your needs.

Does a VA suit my business?

Admittedly, not all businesses are compatible for the work that we do as VAs. Most business owners today are working hard to create a marketing program which enriches their business and the lives of their clients. Those business-owners who are not yet online or involved in social media may have a hard time understanding what it is that we do, or how it may work. That isn’t to say that we can’t help you ease your way into the online world, but it is to say that we value our service and desire to work with those who can see the benefits to what we do. Hiring a VA is easier for those business-owners who are able to be flexible when it comes to control of the small things; those prone to micro-managing may find it difficult to employ someone else to handle aspects of their work. Due to the nature of the VA industry, and the fact that we have multiple clients at any given time, those who work best by submitting under the gun may not be well-suited for our services; in order to make deadlines realistically, we need a reasonable amount of notice to organize and complete our tasks. As with many business relationships, we may find that we are not a good match for some clients, and we do reserve the right to refuse clients at our discretion.

How can I better understand what a VA does?

To better understand what a VA is or does, please take a look at our blog. Here you will find more information on the services that we offer and what they could mean to your business ownership. If you find that you have unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.