How To Build a New Client Kit

How To Build a New Client Kit


Your goal as a business owner is to create a positive client experience from start to finish. This means finding things to do within your business practice that will set you apart from your competition, and show your clients that they’ve made the right decision to put their trust in you, every step of the way. When the time comes to welcome a new client to the fold, it’s a good idea to create a new client kit, which will serve to show your clients what to expect from your company, what your mission objective is, how you are able to serve them, and to make them feel welcome. If you need some ideas as to what you can put in this new client kit, here are some things that we’ve found to be helpful.

  • A Welcome Letter
    It’s always nice if you can include something within your new client kit that makes your latest client feel personally welcome. Take the time to thank them for their business and ensure that they have the important contact details that they will need.
  • Communication Protocol
    It’s important that your clients know what to expect from you when it comes to touching base. Give them a copy of your business hours, and your communication protocol for returning inquiries. You should have an internal idea of what this looks like, so you will have no problem setting a time frame in which your clients should expect to hear from you.
  • FAQ
    New clients very often will have some of the same questions as they enter into a relationship with you. Your Frequently Asked Questions could include return policies, your job description, and any other things that have come up with previous clients.
  • Client Profile Sheet
    While you don’t want to ask your client outright about his or her family situation, or their summer plans, you can get a client profile sheet started by including a personal information page and requesting that it be returned. This way, you will have up-to-date contact information from your client that will allow you to start filing away important information that you may need in the future.

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