How To Write a Good Press Release

How To Write a Good Press Release

How to Write a Good Press ReleaseAs a business owner, it is important to market your products in unique and interesting ways. One method of getting your products and services out to people is to draft up press releases to send via email. Many PR professionals swear by the press release, but as with all things there are good methods and bad ones for creating press releases.

On a daily basis, most people receive a great deal of spam in their inbox, especially journalists and niche bloggers. As such, it’s important to steer clear of discouraging potential interest based on your approach. A great press release is intended to share your business happenings and development with others who may be in a position to amplify your message. It is intended to pique interest to those with an engaged audience in your field, and as such, you’ll want to write up a release that grabs the attention of your readers. Using these tips, you should produce the best and most effective press releases possible.

Get To The Point

You may have heard the term, “before the fold”; in writing, this basically means that you want to be front-loading your pieces with the important information that you want folks to know. With your headline, subtitles and your first paragraph, you want your audience to know enough about your product, service or change to know that they want to move forward and read the rest. Remember that you’re reaching out to busy people; busy people skim text for things that stand out!

Edit, Edit, Edit!

Your final copy of press material has to go out completely flawless. Typos and grammatical errors reflect terribly on your attention to detail. Have others proofread for you, if need be.

Keep It Concise

You don’t need to ramble on, honest! It’s great to be excited about your product, but it’s important to keep your word count to a minimum. Link to more information in your press release so that those parties seeking more can do so.

Be Reachable

Don’t forget to include your contact information in your release so that those needing an interview or other materials can contact you at their convenience. Make a point to respond to requests quickly and professionally. This is an excellent way to create connections within the community that you are working with.

If you find that you are not particularly gifted in the press release department, don’t fret. You can always outsource the job to your trusted VA!

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