We are Virtual Assistants who are highly experienced in providing online, virtual support in terms of content creation and organization, with special talent in social media management. Let us help you reclaim your time!


Here are a few of the services we currently provide to our clients:


Content Creation

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • social media posts
  • newsletters
  • website copy
  • correspondence
  • images for blog posts, social media updates & Pinterest

Social Media Management

  • creating social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & other social media platforms
  • scheduling social media updates
  • growing & managing Pinterest pages
  • creating Pinterest-worthy images for blog posts and social media updates
  • researching new relevant content to share
  • helping to grow & manage twitter accounts
  • responding to comments & messages
  • creating lists for targeted marketing

Business Assistance

  • editing & proofreading documents of all kinds
  • email management
  • auditing websites to make sure links work & the copy reads well etc.
  • creating spreadsheets, surveys, forms & other documents
  • transcribing meetings, speeches, videos etc.
  • writing proposals, pitches, presentations & speeches


  • brainstorming ideas & post topics to make your blog or social media accounts more relevant
  • social media training
  • help in organizing & delegating

Services for Bloggers

  • writing posts
  • writing proposals & pitches
  • responding to pitches / email management
  • creating & maintaining an editorial publishing calendar
  • generating blog post ideas
  • editing, tagging & updating previous posts
  • creating Pinterest-worthy images for current or previous posts
  • ghostwriting reviews
  • ghostwriting guest posts
  • creating downloads & giveaways
  • drafting & optimizing blog posts
  • turning podcasts / videos into blog posts & social media updates
  • turning blog posts into social media updates
  • managing & replying to blog comments
  • sharing content
  • consulting

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You are welcome to hire us by the hour or choose one of our monthly retainer packages.

Fill our hours with whatever tasks you deem most pressing at the time.  We offer retainer packages in 10, 15 and 30 hour per month increments.

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