Tara has been our social media strategist, consultant and VA for the past 3 years. It is, without a doubt, a result of her knowledge and strategy that we have grown our brand to its current place. She takes initiative to stay current on the latest and greatest – keeping her eye on trends and making sure our brand is in compliance with all rules and regulations. Tara and her team execute all initiatives promptly and efficiently. She has been the backbone of our company for years – our secret weapon!

Shelagh Cummins ~ shelaghcummins.com

Social Biz Support is my go-to support for all social media aspects of my business. They help me get more mileage out of my content by finding tips and key messages within the posts to share across my social channels. They work efficiently to build my social media plan for the month with complimentary information from my niche. While they always send the work to be approved, I never need to change anything! Their work is spot on, giving me the time to work on my business!

Sara Vartanian ~ Founder, Green Moms Collective

Social Biz Support has become a safety blanket for me in efficiently managing my business. Tara is diligent, astute and efficient at handling a plethora of tasks. She understands the importance of the bottom line and always keeps me informed as to what I can expect when it comes to a budget or timeframe in completing a project. I would not hesitate for a moment before recommending Tara and her VA skills to any serious business owner.

Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed ~ Editorial Director & Founder at CanadianMomEh.com

I discovered Tara on Twitter and approached her about our SM management needs. She was very receptive and asked great questions to help her identify our messaging and core audience. Her team has been professional, creative, and responsive. We received wonderful feedback about their posts. I highly recommend working with Tara and her team.

Rebecca Page ~ Founder & CEO of Concierge Home Services