What is a Client Profile Sheet and Why Use It To Boost Marketing

What is a Client Profile Sheet and Why Use It To Boost Marketing


Have you ever used a Client Profile Sheet within your business?

A Client Profile Sheet is used to keep track of all sorts of useful information about your clientele. It’s a system that allows you to go back and double check information that you may need about your client’s purchase history and contact information, but it serves a greater purpose than that.

A Client Profile Sheet is where you would keep business information such as your client’s address, phone contact information, preferences and any other information that you will need to work with. It’s also an excellent place to compile other information as well.

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to boost marketing is to be authentically interested in your clients lives; making people feel important is marketing 101! What if you were able to remember the names of your client’s children, or their spouse? With a Client Profile Sheet, you can do exactly that. Have you had a conversation with one of your clients about their upcoming vacation? Jot down the dates and information on their sheet so that you remember to ask about their adventures when they’re next in touch. What if you were able to send out birthday cards, or letters of congratulations to your clients on their new addition to the family? Do you think that these actions would set you apart from other businesses, and gain a loyal following?

Client profile sheets have long been a marketing secret of those who seem to be exceedingly good at remembering. Not only will you never lose a phone number again, but you’ll be able to remember exactly how each client takes their coffee, tea or that they only drink water. People are just waiting to reveal these details to you; all you have to do is engage and jot them down!

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