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We have over 10 years experience serving small and large companies in Canada and the USA. You can feel confident delegating your work to us knowing that we’ll get it done: Accurately and on-time!

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We can help you with your “to do” list or act as your ongoing dedicated Social Media Manager, Content Creator, or Personal Assistant. Reclaim your time today!

A Virtual Assistant can change your life!

Let us bring calm to the chaos. We can save you both time and money  by helping you get your work done fast and efficiently, delivering quality work at reasonable cost.

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Package hours must be used within one week and cannot be held over.

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SocialBiz Support

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

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SocialBizSupport Virtual Assistants Tara Robertson and Lindsay Dianne.

About Us

We Can Make Your Life Easier!

Every business owner has tasks that they wish they could outsource. With SocialBiz Support, it’s our job to free up your time. As professional women working in the business world we saw a need for organized, reliable and trustworthy staff members who could easily take care of many tedious aspects of business life.  

Our job is to make your job easier. We do this by taking on tasks from a remote location. These tasks can vary from handling social media accounts and blog management to newsletter creation and research. The possibilities are virtually endless, leaving you with the ability to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can carry out. We believe that these are the personal aspects of your business that are truly important to you and your clients; we'll handle the rest! 

Whether you need two hours or twenty hours of help per week, a Virtual Assistant can work with you to make your business more economical and effective. If you have ever felt overwhelmed with your daily tasks, confused by administrative duties, or unable to keep up with marketing details; outsourcing to our qualified team of Virtual Assistants may be exactly what you need. Training and hiring an in-office assistant is becoming a thing of the past! 

Send an email today to consult with us and find the perfect Virtual Assistant for you.

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Tara Robertson (@tarasview) & Lindsay Dianne (@LindsayDianne) have been working together for several years and would love to help you grow your business. 

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"Tara's Virtual Assistant services have become a safety blanket for me in efficiently managing my business. She is diligent, astute and efficient at handling a plethora of tasks. She understands the importance of the bottom line and always keeps me informed as to what I can expect when it comes to a budget or timeframe in completing a project. I would not hesitate for a moment before recommending Tara and her VA skills to any serious business owner."

Fariha Naqvi-Mohamed 

Editor/Founder ,

"Tara is my go-to support for all social media aspects of my business. She helps me get more mileage out of my content by finding tips and key messages within the posts to share across my social channels. Tara works efficiently to build my social media plan for the month with complimentary information from my niche. While she always sends the work to be approved, I never need to change anything! Her work is spot on, giving me the time to work on my business!" 
Sara Vartanian

Founder, Green Moms Collective

"I discovered Tara on Twitter and approached her about our SM management needs. She was very receptive and asked great questions to help her identify our messaging and core audience. Her team has been professional, creative, and responsive. We received wonderful feedback about their posts. I highly recommend working with Tara and her team."

Rebecca Page

"She cares.  She's clear about what she knows, and what she doesn't.  She helps.  She's organized.  And best of all, she notices and reminds me  when I need to stop and take a deep breath!"
Thrive With Autism

"Tara taught me a lot of what I know about SEO and keyword hotlinking. She is dedicated to producing high quality work in all that she does. Tara is also excellent to work with, always providing all the information necessary to get the job done, and she's clear with her expectations and instructions."

Raylene Wall

Founder, Off The Wall Social Media Management 

"Tara has a passion for Social Media. She is keenly aware of the latest technologies and techniques used in building and maintaining successful online communities and possess a strong understanding of social networking trends. Tara is an admirable team player and I lean on her often for her incredible knowledge, creativity and intuition."

Shannon Mischuk

Founder, Mischuk Media

"Tara is a wonderful assistant! She listens to what I need and works quickly and efficiently to fill those needs. 10/10"

Everyday Elements

"Tara has always been one of my favorite people to work with. She's dependable with high standards. Her honesty and integrity make her enjoyable to work with."

Cathi Crismon

"Tara is an incredibly bright woman. She is a creative and clearly great at multitasking! I have always enjoyed reading her work and find her to be extremely pleasant."

Laura Berg